Shri Shivaji Education Society,Amravati's

Shri Shivaji Arts, Commerce & Science College,

Akot, Maharashtra state - 444101

(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati)

NAAC Re- accredited by Grade B++ with CGPA 2.95 (3rd Cycle)

Department of Physics


Department of Physics has adopted student centric approach from the beginning of 2013 as per the UGC. Our department students belong to the rural area they required the development in the academic as well as the personalities. It was only possible when students were more focus in the studies and maximum participation in a co-curricular activity. As per the syllabus of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati designed scuh way that students were developed in overall manner. Taking the benefits of this department planed to increase the academics percentage of marks of the students as well as the participation of the students in co-curricular activity.

Department organized unit wise test on each unit of the syllabus for all B.Sc. students and Viva. It would prepare and practice on written examination and oral for remember the answer of the questions. Also department organized various activities such as series of guest lecture, poster competition, Science model competition, science exhibition, Science Day competition and essay written and reading competition. In all the activities of the department students’ actively participation was necessary. Fro increasing the participation, department felicitate the entire participant in the competition with the award of certificate also students who shows extraordinary performance in the competition they are felicitate by the gift and certificate. Department had felicitated maximum students as possible about (7-10 prizes in numbers).

This initiation of the department students had participated in various activity regarding to the science and co-curricular activities and ultimately this benefitted to students regarding personality’s developments. 62%- 65% of students had participated & involved in annual gathering event and earn the prizes. Also it will be seen that average percentage of students increase in graduate level as compared to 12th examination. So it is success of the department in a student centric approach.

B.Sc. Physics Program Outcomes:-

  • Create the facilities and environment in all the educational institutions to consolidate the knowledge acquired at +2 levels and to motivate and inspire the students to create deep interest in Physics, to develop broad and balanced knowledge and understanding of physical concepts, principles and theories of Physics.

  • Learn, design and perform experiments in the labs to demonstrate the concepts, principles and theories learned in the classrooms.

  • Develop the ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom and laboratories to specific problems in theoretical and experimental Physics.

  • Expose the student to the vast scope of Physics as a theoretical and experimental science with applications in solving most of the problems in nature spanning from 10-15 m to 1026m in space and 10-10 eV to 1025eV in energy dimensions.

  • Emphasize the discipline of Physics to be the most important branch of science for pursuing the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary higher education and/or research in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary areas.

  • To emphasize the importance of Physics as the most important discipline for sustaining the existing industries and establishing new ones to create job opportunities at all levels of employment.